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Boan Hotel

Boan hotel apartment

Boan hotel apartment is build area of about 15000 ㎡, on May 1, 2007 formally opened for business, with luxury standard rooms, deluxe mountain view big bed room, deluxe seaview big bed room, luxury honeymoon suite, deluxe family suite five kind of room.

There is a balcony, form a complete set such as small kitchen apartment facilities in each room. Decorate a style is concise, easy, modern, and at the same time with leisure club, swimming pool, conference room, berth shore team restaurant, and other supporting facilities, and the main hotel only 1 minute journey (about 150 meters), fully share the main hotel resources.

Lopburi hall

There are total area of 414 square meters in hall. It can accommodate 250 guests to meet the banquet and meeting requirement, suitable for holding various specifications of the press conference, the product promotion meeting, training seminars, exhibitions and business banquet, etc.

Spring board hall & Chiang mai hall

Spring board hall and Chiang mai hall are  the first place for VIP reception, with an area of 109 square meters and 76 square meters respectively, elegance of contains noble, luxury more than the more show individual character, suitable for holding the board of directors, the business negotiation and high-end business banquets and other important activities.

Bodarren hall

Bodarren hall is the first place for  VIP reception , the area of 200 square meters, elegant contains noble, luxury more than the more show individual character, adapt to hold the company leadership conferences, business meetings and other important activities.