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East · gold kitchen Chinese restaurant

East · gold kitchen is all politicians and business elite for official banquets, tourism conference, lover and party, birthday feast wedding breakfast the honourable of the club. East · gold kitchen with rare bao, the senate, wings, belly, yan for signature, with wild seafood dishes, give priority to dozen of, the cantonese cuisine of color, aroma, taste and shape to get incisively and vividly.

East · gold kitchen used every day rice, vegetables, chicken, duck, goose to wait to poultry and dishes of fresh ingredients such as tree from their management farm special carry back, for their cultivation, natural stocking health, green food. East · gold kitchen to establish a fashionable, green's top food brand as the goal.

East · gold kitchen with rich management experience, unique high quality environment, colorful export production, continuous innovation of the superb skill, in new cantonese cuisine, of stew, seafood, seafood, farmhouse dishes, hakka flavors are reflected the first-class technology and level.

East · gold kitchen welcome you the presence, as long as you a call, you all the consumer demand can in this get close arrangement! Chinese restaurant!

Lobby bar

Lobby bar, is located in the hotel gate two side, an area of 150 square meters, can accommodate 30 people or so, can provide all kinds of coffee, western-style snacks, western-style buffet, Thai food, small cocktail party and other services.

Phuket western restaurant

Located in pattaya old first floor, an area of 360 square meters, invited international famous designer, highly pattaya style, interior decoration luxurious and comfortable, can accommodate 60 to 100 people dining at the same time. Selected countries characteristics JiaWei recruit senior chef, provide breakfast, western-style snacks, western-style buffet, Thai food, small cocktail party and other services.