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"Going out" cultural brand started in Shenzhen

Date time:2013-10-16

As the forefront of the country's reform and opening up, Shenzhen cultural trade, never never stop voyage pace.

In recent years, insist on creativity and technological innovation, so many cultural enterprises in Shenzhen has always maintained a good momentum of exports. Despite the international economic situation and lumpy, rather good at capturing the opportunity, the courage Pengcheng transformation and upgrading of a number of cultural enterprises, creative-driven, technology support, still proudly walk in the forefront of change.

Contrarian, transformation of traditional industries to seek

In recent years, the complexity of the international economic situation, many of the printing industry, high-end arts and crafts industry and other manufacturing enterprises have received orders plummeted. Joint Printing (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhou Jianhua inevitable that some are worried, and with overseas sales department confirmed, the feedback was: "This year's orders had not been affected."

The answer is somewhat to his surprise: the appreciation of the RMB in the international letter business demand for paper books are reduced, and many former customers have become cautious and "stingy", and China is the flagship commercial printing book printing . One of the reasons lie? According to the analysis, which is China's ongoing transformation-related commercial printing. Zhou Jianhua told reporters that they hope that through IT technology to provide customers with value-added services, and efforts to strengthen the AR technology, so that the traditional media displayed on the screen out loud, light effect.

Indeed, the more the downturn in the economic environment, the more traditional industries to seek innovation, transformation and upgrading opportunities. The rainy day showed early results, in various cultural and creative enterprises in Shenzhen transcripts, and is now showing a thriving scene: Shenzhen Huaqiang Culture Technology Group's "Ring 4D cinema screen" system has been successively to the United States, Canada output of more than 40 countries, but also with Iran, South Africa, Ukraine and other countries cooperate to build a theme park; GDC also enhanced virtual reality, three-dimensional animated movies, etc. There are a number of breakthroughs in key technologies, animation exported to the United States, Canada France, Italy, Australia and other countries; sun figures with 3D digital technology and visual creativity, writing for international clients, thousands of 3D product design, the cumulative earned millions of dollars ......

Innovation, growth in new areas to find

Animation in the box "workshop", only to hear the pen away snakes rustling sounds, dozens of painters are working at his desk. They row of the table is a wide range of pens, rulers, erasers and other tools. After the original painting links, scanning, color, three-dimensional animation and then the layers of fine work, a vivid cartoon image leapt to the screen.

In an overseas delivery table, the reporter saw that they had launched anime, has to cover Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, nearly 80 countries.

"Technically, we will catch up with world standards on a mobile comics, in addition to the launch of our themes are Chinese animation industry in the gaps, so to get recognized by overseas customers." Box Anime General Manager Qian Guodong said. Today, Puzzle Animation overseas share has accounted for more than half of the total turnover.

In Shenzhen, the overseas market has been tightly pegged to the corporate culture of a "big cake." How to win a share in overseas markets, but it is not easy. This requires technology that requires talent, innovation and change also requires vision and courage. And dare to innovate, the momentum in the industrial field blank to find their own growth, they will ensure that the market position.

Based on the local, national culture played flagship

In terms of quality, technology, brands catch up with international outstanding cultural products, cultural products in Shenzhen output overseas "basic skills." But the unique ethnic cultural content, then make products for export enterprises in Shenzhen have a vivid cultural factors.

Shenzhen Stechcol porcelain with rich experience, rich implication of the "Chinese porcelain" are sold at home and abroad in the first half, Stechcol cultural products exports grew 13%; Shenzhen, "non-left" Heritage Protection Unit fragrant cloud Lufthansa silk in Australia, the United States and other countries and regions have agents; box animation will want to shape the image belonging to Chinese princess. "There are very many Disney princess image, but I have not seen the cartoon Chinese princess image, so we create a" sweetheart princess "." Qian Guodong told reporters.

Many companies interviewed told reporters: both the original, high-quality, Chinese characteristics of products, able to get more popular in overseas markets.

Today, there have been 35 enterprises in Shenzhen, 12 key projects were rated as national cultural export of key enterprises and key projects in the last year, the Shenzhen core cultural products exports amounted to 4.3 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for one-sixth of the country strong. From these cultural communicator with a sense of focus from creative cultural force in Shenzhen, China has slowly fluttering from this banner creative and cultural industries.