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Zhuo less sea yacht exhibition will be set up, film and television industry base in shenzhen big plum sand

Date time:2014-11-15

The eighth China (shenzhen) international boat show in oct 23-26, 2014 was held in the big plum sand, the shenzhen international yacht show, referred to as "SIBEX, was founded in 2007, has been held to the 8th, is known as" China's no.1 water "during the exhibition, the author encounter ZhuoShi group chairman zhuo sea and less famous movie star Marco ngai, former President of universal music Hong Kong Zhu Guozheng Mr (current roadshow, senior vice President of) a line in the exhibition, the author understands zhuo less sea will open the film and television industry in shenzhen the big plum sand, it will be ZhuoShi group in its eight existing enterprise outside of the latest development direction, on this base will also get the local government strongly support, looking forward to ZhuoShi group, shenzhen big plum sand pictures output excellent works, make more contribution to society.