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The big plum sand innovation BBS in China will be held in shenzhen in November

Date time:2014-10-29

On November 6 to 8, 2014, the big plum sand innovation BBS in China (hereinafter referred to as "the big plum sand BBS") will be big plum sand kingkey sheraton hotel in shenzhen.At that time, there will be hundreds of from all over the world politics, business, academia's most influential people to attend this BBS.
The big plum sand China innovation BBS is sponsored by the shenzhen innovation development institute was founded and, shenzhen big plum sand as the permanent site of BBS.BBS with independent, open, innovative concept, focus on the process of reform and innovation in China, each year invited hundreds of global politics, business and academic elite gathered in the big plum sand beach, explore the governance system, the economic transformation, the social management innovation, and puts forward some important issues such as political system reform targeted solutions, strive to become China's reform and innovation of symbolic exchange platform.
Held last November 18 by the third plenary session of the "the central committee of the communist party of China on comprehensively deepen reform certain major issue decision", "decision" the overall goal of a new round of reform would be a "perfect and development of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability", to the society from all walks of life with great confidence.Comprehensively deepen reform involves global and national economic and social development in various areas, involving many important theoretical and practical problems, is an extremely complex, arduous and long-term project, not only depends on the government decision-making and execution ability, more need to concentrate the power of intellectual and social from all walks of life to do together.
Promoters shenzhen innovation and development research institute, to carry out and respond to the third plenary session of the 18 spirit, the big plum sand BBS with "national management modernization" as the theme.BBS topics covered the rule of law, corruption, dc, Internet innovation, financial innovation, the mixed ownership development, innovation of science and technology, like major issues.Specific plans to set up the judicial system reform and the rule of law construction of China ", "the SAR and the new area: in a dominant role in the reform and innovation in the new period of", "the party's construction and anti-corruption", "mixed ownership and the reform of state-owned enterprises", "the Internet and social governance", "China in the world", "China's political reform and modernization of governance", the financial innovation of the era of "change", "fusion of traditional culture and modern civilization", "what is the scientific and technological innovation vitality" and so on ten issues.
It is worth mentioning that the communist party of China (18 one of the main theme is the fourth plenary session of the "promoting the rule of law," portion in the big plum sand BBS BBS issues "judicial system reform and the rule of law construction of China" happens to coincide with visible BBS agenda setting highly targeted.BBS organizers will invite more than 200 political, business and academic elite at home and abroad and foreign well-known think tank and research institution of expert in-depth discussion on these issues, and put forward the feasible solution.