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Date time:2014-12-15

Platinum tao hotel group was held in shenzhen big plum sand sea side with "ocean original mind" as the theme of strategic conferences.The group's chairman and chief brand construction division in Mr Zheng "blue ocean" implies the vast experience respectively hotel market, to consumer demand and experience, to build a unique brand ecosystem, and create a great life experience.
In the strategy conference, platinum tao about to Paris, France
Inn hotel group cooperation in the development of "amber" boutique hotel brand attract much attention, and presented for the synchronous "rice chain hotels", "MORA coffee", "art of diffuse bead ShaHua platform" and "sigh a guest plan" five new brand.
And platinum tao's new brand planning continues, by 2018, its number of all kinds of brand will be more than 26.Platinum tao emphasized that this figure is according to the experience of the past year the new brand of incubation, as well as the overall double platinum tao platform system for brands to accelerate the expansion of capacity.