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To the big plum sand guihai moon send homesickness

Date time:2014-09-09

Last night was a drink annual day, just after 8 PM, as if the moon is not willing to live up to this reunion night, shyly, through the clouds, consumedly square square suspension sky.Belated moon for early came to the big plum sand beach park waiting for visitors to enjoy the added a lot of fun.Performing at the right moment, they play the wave on the beach, sit drink, setting off kongmin light, enjoying the belongs to own the night of the Mid-Autumn festival.
A young couple hand in hand to the big plum sand desire under the tower: "back to their hometown, home to watch the bright moon, let the wind away for us to send thousands of acacia."From hunan ben-liang li with his wife in desire under the tower for the direction of the home, his hands folded quietly homesickness.

"Home is not far away, in the Mid-Autumn festival will bring your wife go home."Ben-liang li told reporters that "this year because of work reasons, had to stay at shenzhen Mid-Autumn festival."Some point, eye socket is wet ben-liang li's wife: "from a very young age, the most deep impression to the Mid-Autumn festival is a round. The moon cake is round, the apple is round, grapes are round bottle is round, the moon is round... family reunion. In the past, even for the Mid-Autumn festival family dinners, are through choosing mother, tableware pick no residual bowl, choose the circular plate is put on the round table, figure a satisfactory giovanni cobolli gigli."Make the wish, ben-liang li walking down the beach with his wife, enjoy their own romantic Mid-Autumn festival.
Working in shenzhen nanshan software company FuPing like ben-liang li couples, because work Mid-Autumn festival back to their hometown."Make a living alone in shenzhen for many years, whenever the Mid-Autumn festival, as long as conditions allow, total want to get back to their hometown, meet the desire of the parents family reunion. No home for Mid-Autumn festival this year, time to make a long distance call to the family dinner, my sister told me, family over the Mid-Autumn me less, family reunion eat moon cakes, mother specially took out a tooth in a little bit, say to them, 'this is for elder brother".
"Mom and dad, a happy Mid-Autumn festival, the son is everything all right, don't read, must go home Mid-Autumn festival reunion next year 'I sent mother a message to tell them I must go back to the Mid-Autumn festival next year."Hope that this short but full of deep desire already flew to FuPing mother side, and can be implemented next year.