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The sixth China cup sailing competition unveil citizens can take free bus programme

Date time:2012-10-26

Shenzhen evening news dispatch (reporter palace) this is a good weekend leisure choice - on Saturday and Sunday, the day, from the city of the family by free bus to shenzhen sea movement base to see "China cup" programme, don't tickets, free explanation, the field experience.Most importantly, this session of the "China cup" can really stood on the shore, you can make the game can see you clearly.

The sixth China cup sailing competition will be held today in shenzhen sea movement base was unveiled, the game will continue to 4 days (October 26 ~ 29), held today is deep port rally.In shenzhen citizen is concerned, the best programme date is on Saturday, on Sunday two more days, when the audience stood on the water base of the breakwater, can listen to professional sailing events commentary, part clearly to watch the whole process of the whole match play.

China cup sailing competition has been held in shenzhen for six years, event operation increasingly mature, all over the world fleet also, who were the fleet this year up to 99 cigarettes, participating countries and regions as many as 33.But the first five games there is always a little regret, namely in sailing and no understanding, but for navigation quite interested citizens even reach game site, also hard to a closer look at events, touch sailing.After event form is rally, around the island ", "round mark, events are in the distance the shore of the sea in number of sea, the audience even arrived in the shore, also can see the distant why napa, completely unable to understand the game.

In reference to a lot of international competition after the successful experience, China cup this year will be in a total of four days of the game on Saturday and Sunday held two days 8 field "of China's offshore dual meet," events distance coast is very close, the naked eye can clear, and looked, and dual meet the "two two against" site JingSuSai and geometric around scale ", by the high speed rivalry and elaborate design course fully display sailing passion and strength.

China cup management company chief operating officer xiao yu said, "we will set up a lot of simulation in the cabin, let more people sit in play, can experience the feeling of nausea, more can try when the captain's taste. Shenzhen play ship are multiplied, let more people love first is to let them contact sailing, after all, is to let people see lively after seeing it, just talk to go up the interest into love and focused.