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Seventh Dameisha Kite Festival a total of more than 300 players to participate in Co-sponsored by the Yantian District, Shenzhen City People's Government of Shenzhen City of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau seventh Dameisha International Kite Fest

Date time:2012-12-06

SeventhDameishaKiteFestivala total ofmore than 300players to participate in
Co-sponsoredbytheYantianDistrict,ShenzhenCityPeople's Government ofShenzhenCityof Culture, Sports and TourismBureauseventhDameishaInternational Kite Festivalclosinglast night,aftertwodaysof the competition,37kiteteamsfrom17countries and regions.more than 300players,Kim JaeKyuofSouth Koreaeventually won thelongestchampionship,the Italianteam returnedtothetradition of excellenceand bestboardtwoclasschampion,threeotherchampionsofthebestsoftware,bestaireffectsand bestdragonwereNew Zealand team,the Beijing team, the Indonesianteamto carve up.

Shenzhenwomanstuntkiteteam"in addition tothecompositionoftheteamteam members,nationally knownbeautyinthe form of a performance,Dameishabeachflyinga total length of more than200meters," fruitdragonkite"to becomethis year'skiteamajor highlightofthefestival.